Welcome to our fantasy cricket live app, where you can experience the thrill of cricket by creating and managing your own virtual cricket prediction. Here are some features you can expect from our app.

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MATCHIT itself defines that players can enjoy playing the game with fantasy teams using real players. So just don't stop at watching cricket and take your love for the game to the next level with fantasy cricket league. Be part of the excitement of a nail-biting finish, just like your favorite match!


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Play & enjoy Fantacy Match on MatchIT.

Our fantasy cricket live application offers a fun and engaging way to experience cricket like never before. Download our app today to start playing and competing with other cricket fans from around the world!.

  • MatchIT users can join their own virtual teams, track player performances, and compete against other users.
  • Refer your friends & earn big rewards.
  • Play more, earn more RealCash.
  • Safe and secured platform to enjoy online fantasy game.

Join the MatchIT fantacy cricket app. Stay up to date with our journey and make your contest interest to get ahead of the crowd.


All users are important and valueable feeback.


I have been a cricket fan for years, but fantasy cricket has taken my love for the sport to a whole new level! Playing fantasy cricket has made every match more exciting and intense, and it has also helped me learn more about the players and teams. I highly recommend matchit.buzz to any cricket fan out there!.


I never thought I would get so hooked on a game like fantasy cricket, but here I am, spending hours researching players and building my dream team! It's so much fun to compete against friends and other fans from around the world, and the thrill of watching your players perform is unmatched. Fantasy cricket has truly enriched my cricketing experience!.


As someone who is new to cricket, fantasy cricket has been a fantastic way for me to learn more about the sport and its players. By researching different players and teams, I've gained a deeper appreciation for the skills and strategies involved in cricket. Plus, the excitement of competing in fantasy leagues has made me a devoted fan!.


Fantasy cricket has become a favorite pastime for me and my friends. We love nothing more than getting together to draft our teams, analyze matchups, and cheer on our players during matches. It's a great way to stay connected with each other and with the sport we all love. Thank you, matchit.buzz!.


I used to watch cricket casually, but now that I've discovered fantasy cricket, I'm a die-hard fan! The thrill of competing against others and the satisfaction of picking the right players is incredibly addictive. I'm grateful for the opportunity to engage with cricket in such a fun and rewarding way!.

What is MatchIT?

MatchIT is a logically-based online gaming platform, where you can create a virtual contest of real games, where you can play in live matches worldwide. You earn points and win prize money based on the ranking of your prediction in actual matches.

  • what is MatchIT?

    MatchIT is a logically-based online gaming platform, where you can create a virtual contest of real games, where you can play in live matches worldwide.

    You earn points and win prize money based on the ranking of your prediction in actual matches.

    • Once you have signed up, create your contest by selecting match from the real cricket that you want to play. Each app has its own rules for joining the contest, such as a limited budget or restrictions on the number of spots from each contest.
    • Join a contest: After select a match, join a contest that suits your budget and preferences. Each contest has its own session, entry fee and prize money.
    • Follow the match: Once the real cricket match starts, track your performance that you have selected. You can't make changes to your prediction once you have predicted.
    • Claim your winnings: If you performs well and you win the contest, you can claim your winnings through the app's payment gateway.
    Note: You can't join the current session after the match is live.
  • Add money to your MatchIT account, you need to first select the payment method. we uses advanced encryption technology to ensure that your personal details are safe & secure with us.

  • "You can successfully processed withdrawal request via IMPS/NEFT should get credited maximum within 1-3 working days.

    You can place 1 withdrawal requests per day i.e. a minimum of ₹ 100 and a maximum of ₹ 10000 in your verified account at any time.

    NOTE: If your withdrawal request is not credited to your verified bank account within the timeline, please share a PDF copy of your bank statement from the date of withdrawal with us.

  • Inviting friends on MatchIT follow these simple steps:

    • # Tap on your profile picture(top left of your Home page)
    • # Tap on ""Refer & Earn""
    • # Share your referral code via different sharing options by tapping on ‘SHARE’ if you wish to share via any of the social media.
    • # Ensure your friend downloads MatchIT and verifies their mobile number.


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